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14th May 2008

7:19pm: missing mix tapes
i miss mix tapes. mix cds aren't the same. i miss trying to figure out how to get the most out of the 45 allotted minutes per side. and trying to create the right flow from one song to the next. but this awesome site, mixwit (link is there below the tape) lets you make mixes and customize them and post them here, there and everywhere. and it has a pretty good search engine as far as finding music goes. i had a blast making this...

to play the tape, just click on it. then, all you have to do is hover the cursor over the tape to fast forward, rewind, adjust volume, what have you...

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15th February 2008

4:50pm: the best thing i've seen on cmt
odd title, eh? this week, cmt debuted a new episode of crossroads with robert plant and alison krauss. i already knew the record was excellent, but the performance was jaw-droppingly good. the band was led by the album's producer, t-bone burnett, and featured guitarist marc ribot. it was some of the best music on television i've ever seen/heard. and since that network seems to rerun things ad infinitum, keep an eye out so you can see it.

everytime the hurricanes start to bum me out with inconsistent play, they have a game like last night. 3 last minute defensive replacements had to be called up from the minors, making it a total of 6 minor leaguers in the line-up. the third defensive pairing were made up of a guy playing his 2nd nhl game and the other playing his 1st. then, captain rod brind'amour goes out with an acl/mcl injury (and now out 4-6 months) about 90 seconds into the game. but they won. shot the lights out (46 shots in the game). scored 4, had a 5th disallowed (bad call). and, as always, my boy (eric staal) was wicked good. i need a 12 home jersey. maybe i can get a second one with 53 because rookie dman casey borer looks like he's going to be a good one.

and the chicago blackhawks are going to be one of the best teams in the west in 2-3 years. i watch a lot of them on center ice (gotta watch someone when the canes aren't on) and they're stacked with good, young talent. jonathan toews should win the calder. if he doesn't, his teammate patrick kane probably will. and patrick sharp, their current linemate, is just as good as they are, just a little older than the teenagers. solid young defense that will get better with time and a few veteran role players. remind me a lot of pittsburgh but with khabibulin and lalime, much better goaltending.

been listening to a lot of paul weller. if you don't know his solo stuff, you should check it out. a couple titles below are a good place to start.

reading: the hockey news best 60 since 1967, inside inside (james lipton's autobiography), new issues of harp, under the radar and q.

watching: no reservations, lots of hockey (last saturday's hockey day in canada was 13 fantastic hours of programming--i took the day off just to sit on the couch and watch), take home chef, ace of cakes, samurai champloo, the soup, real time, daily show, colbert report, that new terminator show, american gladiators (anyone who knew me in the 90's should know that i was going to be stoked to have that back on-air), lots of food network, countdown with keith olbermann (the best news show on television), the clemens hearings (what a soap opera...) and a lot of music dvds (luna, the cure, ben folds, twilight singers, bob mould, wilco, crowded house)

listening: robert plant & alison krauss - raising sand, paul weller - wild wood deluxe edition & catch flame!, the national - alligator, some of the new kathleen edwards stuff (new one out on march 4), the figgs- continue to enjoy the figgs, liam finn - i'll be lightning, matthew sweet - girlfriend and checking out a lot of new bands on myspace to see if i should track down their full-lengths (i need to get the latest from wussy...thanks, harp magazine)
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11th October 2007

5:54pm: the joy of hall and oates
how awesome is a two-disc collection of hall and oates going to be when the first song is "she's gone". sure, there's going to be some songs that i've never heard, but when you come out of the blocks with *that* song...you know there's two whole discs of goodness ahead.

got a problem with daryl and john? sorry. i love them. it's not a guilty pleasure or something from the 80's that i like in a kitsch-y way. i just love their music.

i can't say that for everything i listened to repeatedly as a kid; some, i still can say that. crowded house were amazing live. those old records still sound great to me and their new one is one of the best things i've heard all year. they still work for me. but i dug through some old tapes my mom brought up to me last month. duran duran's "seven and the ragged tiger"? i couldn't listen to the album cuts for more than 30 seconds. long enough for me to hum the some to myself and feel good about the fact that i can still remember them almost 25 years later and then want to fast forward through them. immediately. to make the noise stop.

it was weird.
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7th October 2007

4:26pm: at least i'm resisting reality tv
lazy sundays are always notorious for my couch, somehow, as if with some sort of beam, pulls me towards it and magnetizes me to it for the bulk of the day. maybe a real world/road rules marathon will be on. even if i haven't seen a second of it before, i all of the sudden can't leave the tv because i have to see how it turns out. or i just get tranced in by sports. sunday football (though i'm not really a fan of any particular nfl team). makeover shows. pretty much anything.

but even though i've had the tv on, it's mostly been for background noise. i wrote a lot. looked up a lot about some new music. checked release dates. figured i might as well put something here too, since i rarely seem to.

music...well the new crowded house is constantly in the cd player. just went to see them in atlanta recently. it was a great trip, the show was amazing. found out about some robert pollard stuff i missed and new stuff coming out this week. mindy smith has a holiday record coming out, that may be some holiday music worth listening to, like the aimee mann record from last year. looking forward to getting the cake sale record, lots of musicians on that record that i'm a fan of. really looking forward to the robert plant and allison krauss record.

other than crowded house, not been to many shows lately. not really a music show, but i'm trying to get a ticket for david sedaris this week. mandy's stoked because she's already going through work, so i figured i'd try to get one too. we would like to get up to atlanta again in mid-november to see the swell season (the musicians from the film "once"), but we'll see. missed the national the day before the crowded house show, but we could only get time off for one of them.

it's weird being here in gainesville, college title central, and having my old alma mater, usf, being ranked higher than the gators. after losing this weekend again, it'll be interesting to see how bummed out the town really gets about it. they don't have another home game here for four more weeks. september was buzzing with big games and it's kinda odd to have a quiet weekend here this week.

but hey...the next iron chef on food network...it's about time. the best thing this week was the fact that they had re-runs all week highlighting the contestants. any excuse to see more alton brown on the network is worth it. his second feasting on asphalt this summer was awesome.

was also reading about some of the great acts that are going to be on austin city limits this season: wilco, the arcade fire, crowded house, lucinda williams, regina spector, explosions in the sky. have to remind myself that's on every weekend. or just copy down the schedule from pitchfork, where i saw it...

and hockey's on again. so the dvr gets more use. the canes are 1-1-1 and i'm much happier with their start this year as opposed to last year. three wins would be nice, but the team looks much better than last year (though not last night, when they get outworked by the caps). and cam ward looks solid and composed again, like he did in the summer of 2006.

reading: lots of great old stuff from the books my parents brought up last month, especially bill lee's autobiography, the wrong stuff. the hockey news 2007-08 yearbook. how to boil water, i'm only here for the food.

watching: hockey, the office (love the new season), daily show, colbert, countdown with keith olbermann, the soup, real time with bill maher, ace of cakes, diners drive-in's and dives, iron chef america, the soup, chuck, reaper, anthony bourdain: no reservations, knocked up (great extras on the dvd)

listening: crowded house - time on earth, liam finn - live at spaceland 4/30/07, the national - boxer, john doe - a year in the wilderness, patton oswalt - werewolves and lollipops, eisley - combinations, dean & britta - back numbers.
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25th February 2007

2:00pm: been a long time
i've kinda been sucked into just writing down my thoughts on myspace; it just seems easier since i use it for things other than blogging (mostly listening to music). i also started up a page for an online magazine i hope to get up and running by the summer. you can look at it here, all the content is in the blog section. right now, it's mostly me and my friend charlie writing for it, but hopefully i'll find some more folks who want to write for it now. i just want to start a page for music writing that doesn't talk down to the readers, or try to be more smug or more hip or more whatever. many things that i end up checking out (music, film, tv) is because a friend or co-worker tells me to go check it out. so i wanted to start a site that speaks in plain language, like friends talking over a drink at the pub, about things we really like and hope other folks would check out. it's not all new stuff, quite a bit of old stuff, but i've found that a lot of things i've gotten into in the last few years is music that i missed the boat on when it came out or never bothered checking out. so i want to try to set up a place for those kind of conversations and testimonies can happen. so i'm gonna try, with my limited computer skills, to get this thing going.

may not sound like much, but at least it's got me doing more with my time, being more productive.

i also still like the job.

and i also find myself more in love each day. it's been almost a couple of years since she returned and i still am falling for her more and more. i can't say it any more plain than that. i used to tell people that i was waiting for the kind of thing you see on the movie screen. i'm glad i waited.

reading: new issues of magnet, harp and the hockey news. just re-read balsamic dreams by joe queenan.

watching: countdown with keith olberman, daily show, colbert report, hockey, the office, mxc, jackass, just saw the departed

listening: luna - live, sarah shannon - city morning song, crowded house - farewell to the world, the figgs - follow jean through the sea, bedroom walls - all good dreamers pass this way, twilight singers - a stitch in time
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10th December 2006

12:59am: hockey night in canada
truly one of the best things of the week. a whole night of hockeyness. from 6:30 until 1:00-1:30 when the postgame show is over. good good stuff.

and the office on nbc. another best thing of the week. if you are avoiding this show because you like the uk version so much, that's really too bad. i too love the original, but the nbc version is brilliant in its own ways. every single character on that show...funny as hell in their own way.

been checking out some new music, most of which should appear below.

and some old music. because neil young is still as good now as when he was new as well.

our heater went on the fritz on a week when the weather in gville rock city got down under 30. i could see my breath the last two mornings when i got up. my feet are cold. better go put on my homer slippers.

every player on my fantasy hockey team went into a slump at the same time. but so far, this season me and doc have been 1-2 for a good chunk of the time. we take turns with the lead. right now calgary is taking a 4-1 lead into the second intermission. if any of you reading this lives in a town near a hockey team, go see a live game. you'll thank me later. great sport to go watch. i can see people not getting into it on television, but go see it live.

baby kitty has been freaking out ever since we took merlin to the vet. it's like she's never seen him before. she's hissing and spitting like when they first met a year and a half ago.

we have the tree up. lights on it. garland. the star on top. two ornaments. we need to get on that before company comes over. it's looks so charlie brown.

reading: the hockey news (best magazine subscription i ever got myself), fanatic

watching: the office, $40 a day, iron chef america, daily show, colbert, countdown, clerks 2, evening with kevin smith 2: evening harder, the soup, web junk 20, lots and lots and lots of hockey.

listening: luna, neil young, midlake, ray lamontagne (his set on austin city limits last week was spectacular), billy reese peters, sonic youth, mute math (joe was right...)
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18th August 2006

6:31am: i end up just putting everything on my myspace blog instead. i have been neglecting here, i shouldn't.

i'll write about luna here as well then.

i bought a luna cd last year, probably after they already broke up. it was their last studio cd as well. i read a few good reviews of their dvd that just came out, so i picked it up. and now, i am a huge fan.

words cannot describe how amazing this film is. the music, the images, the moments caught on film tell the story so much better than i can. the performances are trance-inducing, the narrative parts are told with no narration and minimal interviews, the pictures and the score teel you the story. there are moments of musical excellence on stage, both ensemble and solo. sean eden is one of the most amazing guitarists i've ever heard.

someone i was a casual fan of until recently, i am now fanatical about.

if you read this and want to check out something new, give it a try. hopefully it's your cup of tea.

school is about to start again. the streets already are beginning to swell with more cars, more bodies walking around. there is more going on everywhere you go.

on my two days off, i got quite a bit done. paid some bills, did some shopping (got the descendents vans), got a new bookshelf to put all the dvds on - the old thing we used ran out of space.

baby kitty is gently attacking my foot.

me and jay shuster are talking about mandy doing a drawing of bk and both getting it tattooed. i also really want to start a power pop band with shuster.

and an online music magazine. i really want to start that too.

reading: life on planet rock - lonn friend, the fall movie preview issue of entertainment weekly.

watching: tell me do you miss me, mr. show, aqua teen hunger force, daily show, colbert, countdown, let's rock again (really cool doc about joe strummer's 2001-02 tour with the mescaleros)

listening: luna - rendezvous, luna - live, kevin salem - soma city, damien jurado & gathered in song - i break chairs, stars - set yourself on fire, and i'm really in the mood to hear some monkees. and solo robert plant.
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7th July 2006

11:56am: now with less time spent in the car
after years of driving halfway across a big city anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes just to get to band rehearsal, it's so nice to have to drive less than a mile to practice. but both commutes include driving past a smattering of prostitutes. i made that comment when i got to troy's house and he was like, yeah, but that's a dude. either way, seemed the same to me.

we played a couple times last week. actually practiced this week, another show saturday. also, we gonna take part in the gville tradition of being another band for halloween. i think we're going to be that band at the fest as well. which, if anyone in florida is reading this, the fest is an absolute blast. this year it'll be the last weekend of october. last year, against me!, ted leo, bouncing souls, the draft and dillinger four headlined. and 112 bands opened for billy reese peters...and that was worth the $35 weekend pass alone.

i'm having this weird problem with my computer where people have given me mp3 discs and the itunes won't read them. my friend tom gave me two such discs and they worked just fine. but two other folks did and they don't work. at least the hip-hop disc roger gave me is a regular cd. that will work...

really want to start up a music magazine. probably online. farewell typewriter got me in the mood to do it again, but now it has been decided not to continue. i know enough folks who a lot about music. and charlie. so that should be enough folks to get one going. i don't know...we'll see.

now, my canes euphoria is slowing leveling off. i'm starting to grasp the fact that my favorite team has actually won the cup. seeing them appear on tv and referred to as stanley cup champs is so bizarre. especially after all pre-season publications had them finishing 13th or 14th in the conference (actually 2nd, and that was determined the last week of the season). one of them actually said cam ward would be lucky to win seven games last season (14 during the regular season, 15 more wins in the playoffs and the playoff mvp as well). i love it...keep underestimating the artists formerly known as the hartford whalers. keep saying they'll be rotten and maybe we'll repeat. also found out that the dvd out next week has the entire game seven broadcast on it. amazon can't get that disc here quick enough.

had my parents over here on father's day weekend and couldn't believe i was making them dinner in my own place. it was the first time i ever had them over for dinner. living in a college town, working a college job, still acting like i'm ten years younger, good thing i never grow up. i like me better that way.

supergroup on vh1 is the pinnacle of reality programming. "music...is a savage animal! this band...is a savage animal! I...AM...A SAVAGE ANIMAL!!!" so good.

my world cup bracket looked great until they started the elimination round. not even close. i had brazil and argentina playing in the final game. still gonna go watch on the big screen on sunday.

reading: kick me, which is absolutely hilarious, didn't even know it existed but mandy spotted it. written by paul feig, co-creator of freaks and geeks and director on undeclared and arrested development. he also has another book called superstud, which i can't wait to read next. also king dork, we got the neutron bomb (just got it back) and the new issue of mojo (though i mostly bought it for the cover cd)

watching: uh...supergroup, mxc, countdown (especially with daily show and colbert on vacation this week), entourage (both the new season on hbo and season two on dvd), beavis and butthead (so glad i bought the dvds), breaking away

listening: josh rouse (always seems to pop up on mandy's ipod when she plugs it in), cheap trick, rainer maria, split enz, rancid, john doe, billy reese peters, twilight singers (the new one is brilliant), luna
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20th June 2006

2:33am: wasted, but happy
my carolina hurricanes just won the stanley cup. the greatest trophy in all sports. we almost lost...but in game 7 of a 7 game series, we won. big. rookie goalie cam ward won the playoff mvp award. i went to common grounds and sang "we are the champions" with troy and floyd and shushter and collins and brink singing along.

my team won.

better than any feelign i've ever had watching sports. the canes rule. best team in hockey. rod and dougie and glen and mark all got to hold the cup over their heads. and my team won.





and drunk....
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12th May 2006

1:33am: the joys of playoff hockey
considering what a bummer it was at the beginning, being down two games and losing both those at home. a place the canes lost at 8 or 9 times all season. now, a rookie goalie has won seven games in a row (tying an nhl record) and the canes are ahead 3-0 over the stinkin' new jersey devils. playoff hockey is so much fun when your team is winning.

got to play a show last week with grabass charlestons and billy reese peters. we went over pretty well. some folks really really dug us. and i got a nice compliment on my figgs shirt.

red wine drinkers out there? centine. it's an italian wine. sangiovese, cabernet and merlot blend. damn good.

the new twilight singers may be the second best album of the year. it's gonna take a lot in my mind to top the billy reese peters record, when it comes out...

re-reading the gbv biography. an excellent read.

baby kitty is poised to my right, ready to step on the keyboard and contribute to this entry. nope, she turned and walked the other way. too bad you don't get to hear her thoughts on this crazy, mixed-up world.

the pantera behind the music on vh1 tonight was damn depressing. i love vulgar display and far beyond driven, but that show was heavy. very sad.

canadian beer is excellent.

and i am feeling very mentally random tonight.

reading: that gbv book, total nhl, entertainment weekly summer movie preview

watching: that damn pantera show, iron chef, ham on the street (a very funny show on food net), lots of hockey, countdown, daily show, colbert, bill maher, the henry rollins show on ifc.com, grandma's boy, entourage (season 2 dvd and season 3 on air in the same week in june...excellent), larry sanders show

listening: kevin salem - soma city, the stills - without feathers, the sundays - blind, mandy moore - coverage, an x comp that i made, paul westerberg - come feel me tremble, elliott smith - basement II, and that gnarls barkley single...it's wicked awesome (remember, i am from new england).
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27th March 2006

12:38am: now i remember how music was supposed to be fun...
for those of you so inclined, the band i'm playing with a myspace site. now, if my mouse worked, this is where i would patch in a link. but, since it doesn't, for now, i'll just say go to myspace and search for "swedish party pranks". or just find me, my myspace address is www.myspace.com/satchel5

anyways, it's fun. a lot of fun. we play a song once or twice, we got it, let's move on. and drink a beer. and play another. big smiles. enthuiasm. just three other cool guys and some fun pop/punk that sounds like an amalgam (living with a writer constantly reminds me that my vocab is severly lacking) of every band we grew up listening to or still do listen to.

my last few years playing music have been about playing to achieve something. to get paid. or to prove to everyone else and myself that i could. or to just not go crazy living in a city i couldn't stand. or to prove that i'm not using my degree for a reason. or to delay responsibility.

no...this is fun. more fun than i've have with a musical instrument in my hands than i've had in a long, long time.

so, if you want to check it out, go ahead. if not, that's cool too. just thought i'd let you all know.

last week was excellent. a couple of shows, played a going away party, had a friend i think of almost as a brother down for a visit. good times. great week.

see? good. great. my vocab is lacking. i need to dig out my thesaurus.

reading: hockey news future watch, silent bob speaks by kevin smith, mike nelson's movie megacheese

watching: undeclared (again...all 18 episodes again), 40 year old virgin (gets better each viewing), top chef (such freakin' drama queens), hockey hockey hockey

listening: twilight singers, brian jonestown massacre, bjork, cheap trick, paul weller
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14th March 2006

1:31am: martin starr
if you've watched freaks and geeks or undeclared, you are familiar with the comic genius of martin starr. if you haven't watched either of those shows, do so quickly. you'll thank me...

weather's warming up again. been up in the 80s again. sweating weather.

jayfk is setting up all his gear in the living room of his house, so hopefully we're gonna lay down the songs we already have to have they recorded. probably put them up on some myspace site.

the first episode of top chef was great, check that out too. and boy...were they catty about each other's dishes. i understand it's a competition, but most chefs i know are fairly interested in each other's recipes and like to compare notes. these folks were at each other's throats. i know, i know, it's television. it has to be a collection of drama queens to get people to watch.

but seriously folks, martin starr.

reading: not much today. flipped through last gang in town again. i love reading and re-reading biographies.

watching: top chef, daily show and colbert report, aqua teen

listening: afghan whigs - black love, brad mehldau - largo, drag the river - hobo's demos
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12th March 2006

12:43pm: lazy sunday
my favorite kind of day. the windows are open at either end and there's a nice breeze sifting through the treehouse. i have my feet up on the coffee table. i actually started writing an introduction for my long-threatened book on the service industry from our side of the equation. the guitar will come out next, once the whole apartment is awake. tv will stay off unless we feel like watching the rest of the undeclared box set, so i can get that back to jon.

got some shows set up. we're gonna play next week at a going away party for a co-worker that i am sad to see go. he's one of the good ones there. it's only been six months, but i really have grown comfortable with my work surroundings and don't really want it disrupted. oh well. then we're playing at wayward early in april. should be good. i am really itching to play out more and more. it's been far too long since i've been able to be a regularly practicing musician.

i don't know how much more reality i can take from the news. everytime i read a paper or watch the news or watch a discuccion on current events, my good nature and sense of humor disappears a little more each time. i don't know where to start being angry. i don't know what to get more worked up about. i have a hard time being hopeful that any of this mess can be resovled. and i worry.

but i've always been good at that.

i've had a good mind to...wait...my feet are being attacked...

ok...but i lost that train of thought...i honestly don't even know what i was going to type there.

alright then, more later.

reading: latest issue of giant, lots of hockey websites this week with the trading deadline coming and going, my own notes on my book.

watching: undeclared, firefly, lots of hockey, this great game show clip show that was on vh1 the other night...i laughed til i cried.

listening: cheap trick - dream police and all shook up (excellent reissues that come out last week. about damn time...), rilo kiley live stuff, rainer maria - long knives drawn, paul weller - illumination, the clash- clash on broadway.
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22nd February 2006

2:09am: i have actually...
...watched olympic curling. sometimes i find myself happening upon odd things on television and becoming instantly immersed in them. bad thing to do. do i really care about finland vs. switzerland in curling? no. did i watch it? in the words of neil diamond, hell yeah, i did! (as an aside, if you haven't listened to that recent neil diamond record yet, you should; it's brilliant.)

watching news channels on tv now...i can't. i get irate or upset or depressed. i've never been very political in my thinking and my conversation through the day (and i'm not about to start here...), but it just irks me. there's so much that just confounds all common sense and human decency, that it just makes me want to scream things at the people in the box i'm watching, much like some folks do when they watch bad horror movies and shout "don't go in there!" to the victims. i swear...the "news" in this country has turned into star and the enquirer or people magazine. i know, this is hardly a revelation. some of you are probably going, no shit, frank...welcome to the 21st century...it's about time you joined us. but that's most of it there. i try to ignore fox news and the rest of them. i try to have an idea of what's going on without becoming immersed in the country's fascination with tabloid crime, and their thirst for that on the evening news instead of the things that really should matter in a world view.

so instead late at night instead of watching a late repeat of hannity or o'reilly or carlson or whoever...

i watch olympic curling.
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19th February 2006

9:49pm: swedish party pranks
so i finally landed in a band. happened rather quickly. a month or so ago, we just said we'd start a band that night after the bars closed, but no one had the right key for the rehearsal place. a couple practices over the last couple weeks, my first being thursday and then we played last night. i had to play bass last night, since the usual bassist was out of town, but i will play rhythm guitar. it's combining the fun of timversion (and the drinking...) and the work ethic of hankshaw.

and the songs rock. seriously rock.

it was the first time i played bass more than five minutes since a couple of years ago when i stopped playing with hankshaw. i didn't really miss it. it was easy, i suppose. i had never played bass on any of the songs, just knew the chords and made some stuff up. i actuallly wished i was playing my guitar.

so it's good to be doing this again.

watching: lost in la mancha, iron chef, entourage, aqua teen

reading: hockey news future watch (canes ranked #5)

listening: replacements, paul westerberg, giant drag, jane's addiction, rainer maria
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11th February 2006

12:43pm: anyone else hear anything about this?
i got sent this email with a blurb from the imdb talking about how lindsay lohan might be dating ryan adams. you know, i love his music, but he certainly does find himself in some interesting headlines, whether they are true or false.

it's been cold here quite a bit lately. well...cold for florida in the 20/30 range at night. today looks to be a great, cloudy, chilly, rainy day. perfect for a lazy day off. of which i have two in a row. and that rules.

my christmas tree is still up. the icicle lights in the living room are staying up regardless. they look too good in that room. but we need to take this darn thing down.

someone let me borrow freaks and geeks and i really missed the boat on that one. it's possibly the best tv show i've ever seen. next time there's a huge employee discount thing at mandy's work, we're getting the set for ourselves. brilliant writing and an excellent cast. if any of you out there have not seen it, take it from someone about seven years behind: waste no more and see it immediately.

lots of shows coming up here soon: wedding present, wilco, athlete, the gossip, eisley, giant drag/pretty girls make graves. i hope i get to see as many of those as possible.

anything else new and exciting going on out there?

reading: return of the last gang in town (again), the hockey news

watching: lots of nhl action, freaks and geeks (goes without saying), waiting...(more truthful than i thought it would be), the bourne films, lots of food network, and, of course, the new season of date my mom (the guiltiest pleasure in all of television).

listening: the jam, robert pollard, brett erickson (one of the funniest men alive), colleen, giant drag, ash
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3rd February 2006

9:57pm: almost perfect rainy night
rain is just pummeling the roof and has been for most of the day. i have one cat curled up and purring next to me and another one making silly little sighing noise on the back of the couch right behind my head. i just looked up at ther and called her name and i got a kiss on the cheek. the carolina hurricanes are on and unfortunately behind (at the moment, but have the knack of coming from behind in the 3rd period). but hey, we're first in the entire nhl. that seems like a daydream...

the only thing missing, other than a carolina lead, is mandy. she has to work tonight. other than that, this would be the prefect rainy night. although merlin is hating this thunder and lightning. he continues to stir at my side every time there is a minor disturbance.

dammit...the canes are down 3 to 0 in the 3rd. this would be our second loss in the last 16 games.

going to see the matador tonight at the late show. haven't seen anything since king kong, and the commercials during the daily show and colbert make this movie look awesome...finally it comes to the little college town of gainesville.

i find myself much more relaxed and happy than i have been in years. i see situation sdevelop that used to make me lose it or wind me up and i just make sure it doesn't. i can control myself much more than i used to be able to. ooh...ended that with a prepostion. oh well...no one's grading this.

good to see you posting again, tripping daisy. hope all is well. ditto to phat c. good to hear that you are doing well and in a good place...i can understand.

some more good shows finally starting to filter down here: wilco, wedding present, eisley, giant drag...some good stuff to look forward to, not to mention the locals. i hope by the summer to playing out as well.

baby kitty continues to sigh over my shoulder. the sweetest little midget cat ever.

reading: my 2005-06 hockey news guide for the 1,000th time

watching: hockey, food network, daily show, colbert report, mr show, aqua teen, donnie darko director's cut

listening: robert pollard, jenny lewis, afghan whigs, josh rouse, elliott smith
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20th January 2006

5:33pm: this just in...
knowing there's a few ash fans on my friends list...

charlotte has left ash. here's the story:


i am going to miss the male/female harmonies.
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9th January 2006

1:00pm: lazy day
i sit here after just getting up at 12:30 PM and am ready for a nice lazy day off. i've been working quite a bit and this is the first day me and mandy both have had off in awhile. and she's still asleep with the cats curled up in one big ball next to her.

so my guitar has been out of its case more often than usual lately and i actually have been writing more often, so that's good. my last exploration in musical world domination with a band soured me on playing music a lot more than i initially thought. there was just so much bs (both internally and externally) that i felt like i was in no rush to get going again. since moving to gville, going to so many shows, seeing so many talented bands from around here, i've got the inkling, but i still can't seem to get fully motivated. i feel like i'm beginning to turn that corner.

i am fairly sure that i am one of maybe 12 people happy that hockey is back and i've grown real accustomed to sitting around and watching my hurricanes. one of the best records in the nhl and the biggest divisional lead...i hope this carries right through to the playoffs. hopefully, the three-week olympic break won't interrupt the team chemistry.

haven't been to the movies since thanksgiving and now it's to the point where i pretty much want to see every movie at the cineplex. anyone out there care to make a case for the first one i must go see above all others? i'm open. i keep hearing that i need to see king kong, but i've also heard some bad reviews too. i want to see the matador, if it's even playing here yet.

oh...and speaking of movies, here in the lovely south, i'm driving around doing holiday shopping and glance at one of the two cineplexes here in town and thought i saw "saving silverman" on the marquee. i thought, that's odd. i know his new album kicks ass (it really does), but does that really warrant re-releasing that movie? i looked again and realized it said "sarah silverman". i quickly did the math and it dawned on me: they didn't want to put "jesus is magic" on the marquee! i swear to...gee-whiz, sometimes i'm so happy in this little college burg that i forget i'm still in the south. thank you for the neat little reminder.

reading: return of the last gang in town (yes, still...it's a long book and it's the clash so it's worth every page of it), secret history of rock (just got it back from lending it out), a couple of british football mags

watching: aqua teen hunger force, mst3k (so glad we got that box with our gift cards), wedding crashings (i'm gonna get drunk!), tons of hockey, iron chef america, clue (good reason to have all the hbo's), serenity/firefly.

listening: ash, cheap trick, giant drag, drag the river
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4th January 2006

9:51pm: so this is the new year
yeah, cheesy...death cab..so what?

had some internet technical difficulties for the last couple of weeks that seemed to solve itself today. that is a good thing.

my head is starting to host a collection of colliding ideas that i can't even figure out how to pour out onto paper. that, as well, is a good thing.

my hurricanes are in first place and continue to shock the nhl. that is a good thing.

this town gets real slow during semester break. that is a good thing, in general...but bad for my pocket. work has been way too slow.

got to see brp, asshole parade (twice) and baby drac all within three days. that is a good thing. this town is infinitely better when it comes to music.

anyone who reads this, i hope you all are well and had a good start to the new year. 2005 was much better than i thought it would be and as i sit here with my two cats, merlin and baby-kitty, as gargoyles, i have incredibly high hopes for the 361 days ahead.

but, for now, i'll go make dinner...

reading: return of the last gang in town by marcus gray (awesome clash bio...mandy totally came through for xmas. this came in the other day on order, not in time, but an xmas present still), mega movie cheese by mike nelson, way too many magazines.

watching: serenity (most underrated movie of 2005), mst3k (just got a box set with best buy gift cards), real genius (again, xmas, she came through), way too much food network.

listening: jeff buckley (finally got the grace eps..again..xmas...she came through), ash, gbv, jenny lewis (the new record sounds amazing so far), cheap trick (the older they get, the better they sound), a lot of hair metal on satellite radio every day at work.

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2nd December 2005

11:42pm: cozy in the living room
it's officially freezing temperature outside. just two hours north and we get actual winter-y conditions. the space heater keeps our place warm and the cats end up flocking to the couch with us.

i keep wanting to get something going musically, but at the same time am enjoying just doing normal things. like sitting and watching a movie. or cooking dinner. cleaning the house. just having time to do normal things that i never had the time to do in tampa because i was working 15-20 more hours a week.

the apartment is decorated for the holidays. we have a nice christmas tree, not a charlie brown special. all lit up, garland, the whole nine. the cats are being rather non-destructive towards it (surprisingly). but there's just a nice feeling sitting around this place. cold outside, warm inside, hardwood floors, the dim glow of holiday lights, i can still smell the dinner i made earlier...nice. very nice.

new volume of aqua teen on tuesday. sweet...

reading: guided by voices: a brief history

watching: hockey (damn canes losing the shootout tonight), daily show, colbert report, gauntlet 1 (getting ready for gauntlet 2 on monday), jackass

listening: a lot of 80's metal/arena rock, charlotte hatherley, elliott smith, hotel lights, wilco, towers of hanoi, wretch like me
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29th November 2005

2:13am: i *heart* to fest
or so it said on my wrist for an entire weekend.

this was the weekend before the holiday. and i meant to write about this before but...well...first of all, i was hungover til tuesday (ouch) and then the holiday and then i worked all weekend due to said holiday and massive football game here in town. but. now that things have settled.

friday nov 18
it was like christmas. i couldn't wait to get out of work and have everyone get here. kate, timmy and andrea all came up from tampa for the weekend to check out the fest. for $35 in advance, over 100 bands at six venues over three days. that's value no matter how you look at it. i was giddy. couldn't wait. finally, everyone got here and we made our way walking downtown first to try to catch some of ninja gun at side bar before heading to common grounds hoping to see grabass charlestons and dillinger four. we caught ninja wrapping up their set with 20th century boy by t rex. very cool. then off to common grounds around the corner. one problem: the place was so packed, they stopped letting people in about an hour before we got there. and this was still two hours before d4 were supposed to play. it's just that they were the only big name band slated for friday, so everyone headed there. so we get to cg at 10:20 pm and the line is not moving at all. they have a grill set up, so since we're fairly buzzed at this point, we all grab something to eat and try to plot an alternative plan. some guys i know from work walk by the line and say they are headed elsewhere to see this other band, so we figure, what the heck...we're not going to get in here, let's go see some other bands. so we go to club red to see leslie. very cool 70's stones-style band. they brought the rock. it was good. then back over to side bar to check out modern machines, the monistats and vena cava. the first two were good, but vena cava rocked. the fest guide said that vena cava sounded like a cross between x and jawbreaker. and for once, one of those descriptions was right on! they were excellent. they even closed with a cover of we're desperate by x. good times. i took it upon myself to drink like the bars would never close nor run out of pbr. i had a feeling a hangover was heading my way.

saturday nov 19
i was right. and i had to work in the morning at 10:00 am. i was hurtin'. and everyone who was crashing came in for lunch and i was just like...i envy you. all of you. i'd still be sleeping this off if i could. i made it through, walked home, watched the end of the hurricanes game (they lost...) and then we headed out to cg again, this time going very early to make sure we were there for radon at 8:40 pm. we caught the urchin and j church who were both intense and good and then radon. if you've never heard radon, they're hard to describe. no label or anything can do them justice. you just have to see them in gville in front of a packed house of people who know all the songs to fully get it. the shows are like maybe once a year. and the setlists are greatest hits from a parallel universe. to me, they're songs i've known for years. songs i've put on mix tapes. songs i had on various mix tapes for myself. songs that remind me what it's like to be at a show with my arm around someone i don't know, bellowing out the words to a song i feel like is a part of my life. if led zep could somehow play and children of the 70's could make up the entire crowd and they could all enjoy it together, that...that could begin to describe what it's like to see radon in gainesville. we had to be there for that. that to me was one of the, if not the most, important parts of the fest. as they were finishing, we slid over to side bar after hearing a rumor that d4 might play there instead paddy's side band, blood bath and beyond. we hung outside for most of the night because we all were still seriously hungover from friday (keep in mind...this thing was sponsored by pbr. no pbr for more than $1.50 all weekend). so we hung around. the d4 rumor was b.s., but bb&b were incredible. members of d4, j church and tiltwheel. very cool. songs about champipple and redd foxx. then timversion came on and we caught some of that and then called it a night.

sunday nov 20
and slept. like kings (or queens). we all rolled out around noon and i made french toast breakfast for everyone. mandy had to go to work, the rest of us hung out, watched some football and family guy, then made our way around 4:00 pm to the atlantic to catch j page. and we missed most of them. but the songs we heard were awesome! i cannot wait to see this band play a whole set. then over to side bar again to see a band i cannot mention by name, in fear of offending folks. it was russ from timversion and some guys from clairmel. and they rocked. then scott from timversion talked me into going over to abbey road to try to catch d4, who were playing an additional set then instead of the rumored late saturday set. they were relatively sober and sounded good. with time to kill, and mandy trying to find me and tim and kate, we went to the porch, the outdoor bar at cg so we could all meet up. we just stood around and guzzled pbr and shot the breeze. then back to abbey to see the soviettes, who were even better than when i saw them this summer in tampa. they've been on the road and you can tell. they sounded very tight. then with a little more time on our hands, we got a pizza at five star (right next door to cg and open 24 hours a day), ate it in the parking lot, then headed to club red to see asshole parade. seriously. the most intense hardcore band i've seen. the crowd were so into it. the place was packed. they rocked the place. then we had to run to make it to the atlantic (about five blocks over and two blocks down) to catch towers of hanoi. they were as good as i've ever heard them. it may their last show and rachel (the singer) seemed very serious most of the show, and she sounded 100 times better than the record. then...yes...we're on the run again. over to cg to see whiskey and co. play some country rock. they place was packed there too and the crowd was way into it. the band seemed really appreciative. again, more hustle. this time, over to side bar to see tiltwheel then billy reese peters. now...i had been good for most of the weekend. trying to keep tabs on everyone. making sure everything was cool. being a host. showing folks around. being a guide. but this is brp. their new album is already the album of the year 2006. i know this. they are the best band in america. nobody really knows that. but gainesville does. and putting them on last out of the 100+ bands was a genius idea. after being responsible, i kinda just said screw it. i gave my belongings to mandy and asked her to please hold them and forgot who else was there and just made my way down front and got ready to completely let loose. of course, on beer 14 or 15 at this point. they hit the stage and so did 10 or 12 other folks. it was insanity. it was drunk. it was messy. and it ruled. at some point, some dude i didn't even know was hugging me and screaming billy reese peters lyrics at me and i was screaming them right back. i saw familar faces, made new pals, helped people so as to not get trampled, sang some stuff into the microphone aaron shoved in my face...it was everything that's good about music. everything i like about live music. everything i like about gainesville. every reason i was looking so forward to moving here. billy reese peters are exactly what rock needs now.

i heart to fest? damn right i do.
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3rd November 2005

4:32am: i've been meaning to do this for weeks
it's been almost two months since i appeared here. it's not that i don't have anything to say. i just can't keep putting the same things in over and over, i suppose. i still marvel about how nice things are right now, but have to stop spouting off about it.

missed the halloween ac/dc cover extravaganza.

starting writing some profile music stuff for a blog. it's nice to be doing a little writing again.

been enjoying the torrid start of my carolina hurricanes. 8-2-1, first place in the conference. staal leading the league in scoring. i do miss having digital cable though; i don't get to see any premiership matches anymore. i got really hooked on those last year. but i did get center ice for the total nhl viewing experience. i know this is a dorky thing to say, but it is nice to be able to watch edmonton vs. calgary on hockey night in canada on cbc. they have a passion for the sport that you just don't see down here. like europe does for football, like america does for nfl and ncaa football.

playing more guitar. i want to get going on something here.

listening to a lot. interested in hearing the new neil diamond record that comes out next week. supposed to be a very stripped down affair. just the voice and the guitar. as time goes by, i find myself with more of an appreciation for his songwriting. we listening to either the oldies station or jazz at work, and hearing a lot of his back catalog, i find myself surprised not only at how many of his songs i know, but how many of them i like.

hope all of you are doing well.

reading: hockey news, exit music (a radiohead book), confessions of a cineplex heckler by joe queenan, mind over matters by mike nelson

watching: lots and lots of hockey, food network, daily show, not much else.

listening: luna, john doe (i keep forgetting how damn good the new one is), the enablers, the clash, billy reese peters (album of the year 2006), panthro united uk 13, magnolia electric company, broken social scene, feist, the album leaf, hotel lights (darren from ben folds five), elbow.
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9th September 2005

2:16am: how i'm living...
just got back.

great cheap trick song. other than that...

just got back from a hurricane benefit at cg. four great bands, i saw three of them. the exit rocked. the draft (3/4 of hot water) were amazing. against me! was quite an experience. 9k was raised...good time overall.

also ran into some old friends tonight. always good. i really made the right choice coming up here. it's just nice that day by day i get things that back me up on that fact over and over and over...

also saw march of the penguins. not only a great movie, but also some hints as to why baby kitty looks so odd. she must have some penguin in her somewhere.

a good day. i hope all of you are as happy as i am right now. the only way this could get better is 1.) if all my friends were here and 2.) if i had a band.

reading: young and hungry (cookbook by my favorite food network personality, dave lieberman), best american magazine writing 2003, biography on the 1980 us olympic hockey team (title escapes me right now), sporting news 2005-06 hockey preview.

watching: lots of food network, mtv reality shows (damn you, date my mom!!!!), aqua teen hunger force ("look at him and tell me there's a god..."), the office (us), firefly (need to get them all in before serentiy comes out on the 30th), bottle rocket (i forgot how amazing it is)

listening: giant drag, twilight singers, billy reese peters, new pornographers, against me!, neil finn, death cab for cutie (i'm not really impressed with the new one) and my new favorite, guided by voices.
Current Mood: jubilant

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7th September 2005

10:13am: serene morning
a little overcast, i am just peering out the windows through the treehouse environs here. baby kitty is curled up at my feel, purring. a football weekend has already passed and two more are imminent. last weekend was a good time. charlie was in town for the game and we saw him. then my folks came up on sunday to visit and see our new place. overall, a nice relaxing weekend.

listening to a lot of good things. reading again. i will go into detail into all that next time. i'm trying to update here, but i keep getting sidetracked by this excellent podcast with greg dulli talking about his new record. he is a genius. i can't wait to get this. you can only get it at certain indie stores so i have no idea if i'll be able to get it here or not. if i can't get it, dana will sort it out for me. i can't wait. greg dulli should be in everyone's collection. seriously.
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